How? Even though the bad guys, cell phone scam merchants, may not scan your phone ID easily, they can still listen in to your calls and download your call records.

Moreover, they can track your phone and determine where you are at a certain hour. A Legal soft ware can be installed on someone’s cell phone, then a bad guy, or concerned spouse, can dial in and snoop.

They can listen to your phone calls, download copies of your text messages and numbers dialed, or even just silently activate the phone and use its microphone to monitor any nearby sounds or conversations.

Bluetooth is another way for eavesdrop. Someone who uses Bluetooth short-range radio to connect a hands-free headset to their cell phone can be targeted by nearby scammers.

What to do? First of all you must prevent any possible software downloading on your cell phone without your permission. Keep an eye on your cell phone all the time and use password protection. When you must make a confidential talk with someone, just turn off your cell phone fully.

Moreover, Bluetooth users should un-select “discoverable” option on their devices. See Airport Scams: For more info you may what out These Airport Tricksters.