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Phone Number: +1 (888) 465-0195

Number Lookup: 888-465-0195 & 8884650195

Location: Multiple Ocn Listing

Area Code: 888

Country: United States

Time Zone: GMT-05:00

888-465-0195 Feedback / Comment (1)

888-465-0195 - Unknown - 2019-07-15 22:48:30

Received a postcard today asking me to call (888) 465-0195 and listen to an urgent message about my property and it's potential transfer of ownership!! My property is not for sale at this time. There is a return address of 5605 FM 423 Suite 500 #377, Frisco, TX 75034. Below the address is: fuj4056 line one, 712 T3 P1 line 2. Scam??

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