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5617080152Spam2017-02-18 12:24:02
sending text with my name and address and a link. never click on the link.

6782089584Scam2017-02-18 11:42:46
SCAM trying to get you to say yes. Would not give up had to block number.

6474994198Scam2017-02-18 03:49:25
the owner of this number is a black teenage male around 18-24yo.. He sold me what he called authentic iphone 7 plus for $900 which i found that it was fake/clone iphone after he ran away with my money. please be careful with this number and whenever you want to buy something from kijiji. always bring someone else with you to guard yo

8445408025Scam2017-02-17 23:06:59
Indian scam phishing for personal information. Pretend to be from Chase

8132556558Scam2017-02-17 18:36:38
scammer. Claim to be panda security. They are scoundrels with indian accents looking to scam you.

6463571917Scam2017-02-17 17:29:58
It's scam

3019694170TeleMarketer2017-02-17 17:03:44
I got a call from this number it was a human talking and knew my name when I answered wtf how you know

4243699562Scam2017-02-17 16:03:12
"Free wireless home security" scam.

2164873248Scam2017-02-17 14:51:21
This person is claiming to be someone who has a house for rent. They want you to send the deposit via walmart to walmart pay.

6197347976Unknown2017-02-17 14:25:01
Calls and hangs up

8136057756Spam2017-02-17 13:06:50
This number is one of the "CAN YOU HEAR ME OK?" SCAMS! Received calls from 813-605-7756 in 2017-February. Automated message with female voice "Hi, this is your warranty department. Can you hear me ok?" SAY NOTHING and HANG UP!

4794950064Scam2017-02-17 11:40:52
Allie Turner sends out naughty sexts and lewd photos to men who aren't her husband from this number

6122542983TeleMarketer2017-02-17 09:25:05

3174895644Scam2017-02-17 08:59:39
Caller had loud noise in the background. Asked me if I could hear him okay. I replied that I could and he hung up. I tried to call back, but the phone had a disconnect message.

4125183714Unknown2017-02-16 20:42:37
They won't stop calling

9787039132Scam2017-02-16 20:11:34
Robocall stating is from Highmark medical insurance, asking for ID confirmation. Left a callback number of 844-310-3578.

6042963239Scam2017-02-16 19:33:00
One it's against The For DEBIT Collecter's from Any Compony weather Canada or the USA ROBO cal's they Try to Change there Number's It's HARASMENT I Wan't you To Keep a call Log if they say anything or don't call them back write the times down if it's more then 8 to 10 times a week you Call send this info to you're Local Police .

3134569786Scam2017-02-16 17:58:34

2536669497Scam2017-02-16 17:55:37
Scammer trying tosteal identity/credit card info

8552050310Scam2017-02-16 17:14:10
Fraud. Saying their police & gonna arrest you. Block the call!

3054241389Scam2017-02-16 16:07:53
This number calls my elder mom and threatens to report her to collections if she does not accept a pkg in exchange for a $650 money order. Pure intimidation to a vulnerable population.

8136057756Unknown2017-02-16 13:59:26
Answered call No one there.

7142032249Scam2017-02-16 13:52:18
I received a call from 714-203-2295 from a person claiming to be a Google data analyst and wanted to verify my company information and see if I qualified to be on the first page of Google searches. It was a fraudulent cold call and they are now blocked on my phone.

6164258894Scam2017-02-16 10:44:31
have received numerous calls from this number as well as they have reached out to other people in my life. They claim they are from a mediation firm trying to help collect a debt for a (nonexistent) online payday loan from many years ago. When I asked for documentation regarding this supposed loan so I could look into it they said t

6083275160Scam2017-02-16 10:39:52
This number calls me constantly...its annoying

3035696372Scam2017-02-16 09:31:24
Rang once, left a voicemail about "case pending against you". It's the standard scam as far as I can tell.

2182526995Spam2017-02-16 08:18:13
Number keeps texting me.

2082612946Unknown2017-02-16 04:46:29
Report tele-marketing companies

8442757785Unknown2017-02-15 20:45:19
Calling me every single frickin' day. Cannot call them back

7736723628Unknown2017-02-15 18:00:56
Half a message was on my voice mail , not a clue who it is

4252000745TeleMarketer2017-02-15 17:42:44
This is Paramount Mortgage company. They called, didn't leave a message but when I called back 15 minutes later, they had my information on a screen and knew precisely who I was, said I qualified for a program to reduce my mortgage payment and that they just needed more information to be able to send me the application package.

2108249801TeleMarketer2017-02-15 16:15:11
Warranty renewal call

8445408025Spam2017-02-15 15:32:26
Chase Credit Card Scam

2106695935Scam2017-02-15 15:23:44
This person called me on an unlisted number saying he found my number on craigslist. The number I listed was a google phone number and not the number he called. Stated he was calling regarding my resume and he had a start up company and was looking for employees. Did not answer when I asked how he found my number

8188517947Unknown2017-02-15 14:31:12
How does the individual can send reputed company interview letter for selection procedures.

6472426801Unknown2017-02-15 13:47:31
caller phoned to say she had received a call from my number this morning and was calling to follow up

7042347058Scam2017-02-15 13:02:38
"This is Josh, can you hear me ok?"

7042099110TeleMarketer2017-02-15 12:45:39
repeated calls around 9am PST every day. I haven't answered it because I know it's probably some crap about a free cruise again.

4184781720Scam2017-02-15 12:07:57

2065960737Unknown2017-02-15 10:37:45
Issue at hand extremely time sensitive the hotline to my desk (same number) I repeat, don't disregard this message, if you don't return the call and I don't hear from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds. Claims to be from IRS, computerized voice.

5029152848TeleMarketer2017-02-15 09:54:24
It appears to be a hlth Ins co.

4422435729Unknown2017-02-14 21:15:55
I get a call every day from this number who is it?

4012275594Debt Collector2017-02-14 17:32:25
they called said they were from Rhode island and they need my address and employer that she had papers on her desk the answering machine took it i did not pick up

2078058500TeleMarketer2017-02-14 13:05:07
Sirius XM marketing

5108249927Unknown2017-02-14 11:57:24
Crank call

6158100396Scam2017-02-14 11:25:39
419 scammer

6158100334Scam2017-02-14 11:24:14
419 scammer

2626617266Unknown2017-02-14 09:59:51
3 calls in a row

4697269895Spam2017-02-14 09:56:50
469) 726-9863

6159199362Unknown2017-02-14 09:44:21
Got a call from this number today and no one was on the line, Just dead air.

3022353644Spam2017-02-14 04:57:43

2064515865Unknown2017-02-13 23:49:08
threatening arrest and legal proceedings if i dont pay them. robot voice used in all calls/ apparent scam by assholes unknown. if you have trouble call them back and scam them....they get sooo mad

3147208648Spam2017-02-13 20:52:06
Unknown spam call

3143170287Spam2017-02-13 20:49:52
Asks about a name, then when corrected, states "Ok, then there is no message at this time." Ignore/Block this number.

2406277369Scam2017-02-13 19:42:47
Very convincing IRS agents. Even had the police call me to validate that I would be home to be arrested. I paid half of what they wanted. And then got too upset to talk with them. Whereupon they said to go home and wait for the police.

6172070710Scam2017-02-13 16:00:57
Apparent IRS scam.

4027692647Scam2017-02-13 15:58:57
Scam caller

6162270972Scam2017-02-13 15:47:00
trying to say I owe 10,000 dollars in student loan debt knew my name but I don't owe that so its a scam don't talk to them

4378364000Spam2017-02-13 13:57:11
Received an automated call from this number trying to acquire my information. I hung up and called the actual scotiabank phone number. They assured me that they would never contact me in this manor. It is a very well put together automated system mimicking scotiabank. Not Real!!

2065960586Spam2017-02-13 13:52:51
Computerized voice claiming to be from IRS. Did not catch the "call back number" but I know I don't owe anything to the IRS. I do believe it was a spam call.

2064206737TeleMarketer2017-02-13 13:14:07

5307460141TeleMarketer2017-02-13 12:10:14
Sirius XM spoof number.

8885088192Scam2017-02-13 09:46:33
This is the number a bunch of scam faxes are coming from. And YAY for this site actually having "scam" as a choice for type of call.

7863222436Spam2017-02-12 19:44:37
Spam text with suspicious link

5054315181Unknown2017-02-12 12:57:58
They texted me my name and address with a link afterwards. I did not click the link because it's probably a virus.

4025099544Unknown2017-02-11 22:20:00
trying to find out who it is

8579571594Spam2017-02-11 16:46:13

6202201843Scam2017-02-11 14:06:22
This Telephone Number is being used in several scams on Craigslist.... Enclosed Trailers !!!!

6265321746Scam2017-02-11 09:12:25
BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!

5626463490Scam2017-02-10 18:27:43
White woman called saying i qualified to a week stay at a resort I had previously stayed at. I've never stayed at no resort!

8886270946Scam2017-02-10 15:40:51
Caller says they are from either Sylvan or Sullivan & Assoc. That they are calling about a time-sensitive legal matter. However, it is an obvious scam. I only owe on student loans, which are fully up to date ... And I haven't even been living in the country to create any debt the last few years ... Others have expressed the same

3473216871Scam2017-02-10 14:33:36
I was texted and asked to call this number with a account from a bank I never heard of. When you call the number, they want your social security number and the account at the bank they are texting you about. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM alert

4028177313Scam2017-02-10 14:21:15
Couldn't understand name of business, account something, they gave me last 4 of my social, wanted my birth date, I refused to give them any info until they could tell me what the call was regarding, she said she couldn't do that until I verified birth date. Told her I would not, she told me to have a good day & hung up.

8138091916Unknown2017-02-10 14:03:43
They call at least twice a day.. never leave a voicemail. Going on for 2 months! Annoying!

3473216871Scam2017-02-10 09:22:43
Received a phishing txt msg containing this number saying that my CITI account is limited...