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5037735067Scam2017-01-22 09:55:27
Texted with an email address about an item I had for sale. Super scammy.

3605917962Scam2017-01-21 13:56:25
On 1/21/17 @ 10:09 am Pacific Time: Message from 360-591-7904 A female robo voice saying that it was the IRS notifying me that there was an arrest warrant out for me. SCAM!!!!!

4156305500Scam2017-01-21 13:48:48
Caller needed drivers license and social security number and credit card info as well as $12.00 i

4084097258Scam2017-01-21 12:21:08
Scam call about apple device security problem

9802061240Unknown2017-01-20 17:58:46
Unknown Call

6479459629Spam2017-01-20 12:51:59
they took money from me it was for a loan and they asked that i had to pay first just to show that ill do a payment they took 1312.00

9046371391Scam2017-01-20 10:01:45
A total fraud, scammer person. Stole someone else's identity and pretends to be them. Reported to authorities and found who the pictures belong to and notified them as well!!

8886626153Scam2017-01-19 19:52:20
Scam stating someone wI'll serve papers with officer present.

4088279193Unknown2017-01-19 18:40:59
I have no idea who is calling me from this phone number, it's a continuous problem..

5033427711TeleMarketer2017-01-19 16:58:12
Telemarketers call daily and disregard "do not call list". They use different numbers everytime

4804986873Scam2017-01-19 15:54:35
Hi call but don't speak

3342183898Scam2017-01-19 15:52:47
SCAM ALERT: They left voice mails for several days saying they were representing someone who was taking action against me. They had my maiden name that I have not used for 12+ years. When I called back they would only identify themselves as "NIS" and wouldn't answer any other questions. She just said she would take my number off.

4012982409Spam2017-01-19 14:36:10
Called leaving an automated message about putting my business on the front of google or something like that. Anyways, don't own a business, so I'd either call this spam or scam.

8882742921Scam2017-01-19 13:18:11
2006 rav 4 on Craigslist. $1500 Same tiffany wallkott Wanted green dot cards SCAM!!!!

2147856965Debt Collector2017-01-19 13:15:06
Robot call from Halsted Financial

4352558679Scam2017-01-19 12:41:58
BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!

2075124464Spam2017-01-19 10:48:58
Spam caller

6312065379Scam2017-01-19 09:44:56
Might be linked to a scamming ring. Indian guys asking for random people in our company.

5125180865Scam2017-01-18 22:27:13
harrassing calls

9513736851Unknown2017-01-18 19:23:24
I don't know this person or company and I want them to stop call me . It is very annoying.

6143621233Unknown2017-01-18 17:36:54
received text from 614-362-1265 stating they liked ad and massage and role play. replied to text no rersponse

9027006882Unknown2017-01-18 16:22:49
Calls and says a bunch of volgure words and hangs up

8443076787Scam2017-01-18 15:58:52
The person calls and says that he is calling about my computer that is showing up as recording wrong things . I ask him which computer because I have 6 different ones, he says just choose one and to give him the serial numbers off each one until I give him the correct one so he can fix the one that''s showing up broke on his side.

8443076787TeleMarketer2017-01-18 15:58:37
scam or marketer

4433138651TeleMarketer2017-01-18 15:32:32
I answered the phone and no one answered. I called the number back. The voice recorder said... "Thank you for returing our call". It was something about medicare benefits. They gave an option to have your number removed, so I did.

4803605880Unknown2017-01-18 15:14:48
I don't know who this, but I want to find out

6028834645Scam2017-01-18 14:59:49
Trying to get donation from me. Fraternal Order of Police

7199417384TeleMarketer2017-01-18 14:37:14
Rental History Pros

3473898242Scam2017-01-18 13:53:49
US government text message sent saying it's from the US government to get money back from a scam. Fake

8175807323Unknown2017-01-18 13:38:53
No message left.

6312065379Unknown2017-01-18 11:35:04
I received a call from this number asking for my job position as well, I don't live or work in the USA.

2066296203Scam2017-01-18 11:10:44
political scam

6475034039Unknown2017-01-18 05:55:57
Hello just iwant for how this number

2249449967Unknown2017-01-18 00:56:20
Random call and voicemail. Person called me by name sounded inebriated or possible speech impediment

8179459267Scam2017-01-17 20:40:13

3179816083Unknown2017-01-17 20:20:37
Unknown caller

5143492926Spam2017-01-17 17:06:21

2048179403Scam2017-01-17 14:48:50
Posing as Canadian taxpayer federation. Asks for a large donation through credit card number. Person that I was transferred to for the donation was not a Canadian.

2268289466Unknown2017-01-17 14:22:32
Calls and hangs up

3129678824Spam2017-01-17 14:04:26
Caller left a message stating he was from Mobile Health.

6302836541Scam2017-01-17 13:12:33
Scam artist from Craigslist seeking moneygram

5034763171Scam2017-01-17 12:34:14
scammer . use in Pacific Seafood. asking to pay for visa processing.

6785900152Unknown2017-01-17 09:41:55

2065125014Unknown2017-01-17 09:04:47

7329081987Unknown2017-01-17 04:29:00
Someone is harassing me

5074761897Unknown2017-01-17 03:57:22
Don't know about it

6052777365Unknown2017-01-16 16:10:24

4144486034Unknown2017-01-16 16:03:24
No message was left (I did not answer as I did not recognize the # -- a general rule I follow).

9542788260TeleMarketer2017-01-16 15:53:50
They did not say anything

5149064765Spam2017-01-16 13:47:01
Spams sms

2064206753Scam2017-01-16 13:13:59
This guy was acting like a scam artist and he was harassing me and acting like a peebing tom.

5143492926Scam2017-01-16 11:44:46
Scam RBC bank messages

5143492926Scam2017-01-16 11:30:46
Asking for banking information

3612145201Spam2017-01-16 11:17:37
Call back number and says not callable but keeps trying to call me

6139120533Scam2017-01-16 10:28:24

7133779265Spam2017-01-16 09:35:35
Multiple calls, no message left

7032278370Unknown2017-01-16 09:07:06
Got a call

5143492926Scam2017-01-16 02:51:53
Keeps sending me a message regarding my RBC credit card activity

5143492926Scam2017-01-15 22:26:47
This number texted my work on-call phone regarding my rbc account, asking me to verify my identity. I do not have an rbc account & if I did, they would not connect with me via my on-call phone.

2699108017Unknown2017-01-15 21:29:57
Who are you ? What service do u offer? Why r u calling our nos

5143492926Scam2017-01-15 16:50:51
"we noticed unusual activity on your Rbc online account. To avoid services suspension, Please verify your identity immediatley: [fake link]" This is a fraudulent attempt to hack into your account. Call RBC directly to make sure your account is okay, report the text. NEVER click on any links people give to you over text.

6074445884Unknown2017-01-15 11:59:55
Someone from this number keeps sending random message. Talking finding numbers in random bathrooms. Right after that I get a email about someone trying to get into my account

4752081890Unknown2017-01-15 04:52:30
text message to say okay or end. No other details

2182280147Unknown2017-01-14 15:22:10
yes sent me a text of my name and address

5023377251Spam2017-01-14 15:06:44
Spam call trying to collect money

9198251604Scam2017-01-14 13:53:36
Party claimed to be Deputy from Wake County Sheriff Department and wanted to collect 985.25 in bond for failure to appear for jury duty summons. Do Not Engage, Do Not Pay, Do Not Meet. Call the Wake County Sheriff to verify validity of the call and caller, they said this is a scam.

5142252268TeleMarketer2017-01-14 08:59:07
This is a telemarketing business

4159004558Scam2017-01-13 19:26:21
scam caller, fake irs caller threatening court and tax fraud, I scared them off and reported the number

2072216614Scam2017-01-13 17:29:25
This is a scam, probably a phising expedition...If the IRS wants to contact you, believe they will send a certified letter...

5092272690Unknown2017-01-13 11:58:54
called before 9 am and hung up when answered

4159004558Spam2017-01-13 11:46:07
this is a scam, they say they are from the IRS but they aren't the IRS never calls you. They threat with words like homeland security, police showing up and warrants. Don't play into their games

4159004558Scam2017-01-13 11:45:12
This person said they were from the IRS. He said he was a federal officer and gave me a badge number. He asked my name, when I told him he already had my information and if there was an issue with the IRS they would not call. I told him He scamming me and to stop. He then threatened to have a federal officer come to my door.

4016462792Unknown2017-01-12 23:56:49

3232383848Scam2017-01-12 20:28:31
Supposed to be a Brian Mendez Officer od LAPD looking and treating to incarcerating for $400 debt for a product that was never bought.

7164280561Unknown2017-01-12 20:07:22
the person keeps calling my friends phone and threatening her.