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9176760018Spam2018-04-27 17:33:28

scam call about auto warranty i do not even have a car. As soon as i asked for more information, the operator hurriedly hung up the phone

5102443681Scam2018-04-27 16:59:18

This number sent me a text stating they were IRS .... blah, blah. blah. I did not respond, and neither should you... IRS does not TEXT IRS issues, period.

9144122934Scam2018-04-27 16:30:50

Scam caller, threatening legal action if call not returned.

9137256288Debt Collector2018-04-27 16:12:31

US Bank collections dept

5104350739TeleMarketer2018-04-27 12:21:36

Received unwanted call from this number. Did not answer and no message left. Believe telemarketers

2027534378Scam2018-04-27 12:16:05

Left message stating that I was going to be arrested by the local sheriff and have my bank accounts frozen and to call them back for more information on my case.

6137145186Scam2018-04-27 11:16:49

CRA scammer call

6362779028Scam2018-04-27 11:14:26

Left message saying there was a legal issue in miami dade

3157074880Scam2018-04-27 10:17:48

Tried to say they were treasury dept. legal

8032711811Unknown2018-04-27 09:02:59

Call and no message.

6154478774Spam2018-04-26 22:30:38

Online Classifieds Scammer (KSL) "Sounds good, I'm interested in buying it and I would be paying with a cashier's check , please let me know if you will accept my offer."

9298004547Spam2018-04-26 18:49:51

Scam caller "IRS"

9144122452Scam2018-04-26 18:09:32

Threats of serious allegations against me.

9298004547Scam2018-04-26 17:34:55

Have called my phone 8 times today, leaving the same recorded message that there are 4 serious allegations against me and that after 24 hours, the local authorities will arrest me. They ask you call 929-800-4547 to discuss the case against me. Total scam.

3012731074Scam2018-04-26 17:28:48

This is a scam caller.

7083209906Scam2018-04-26 17:22:13

They scammed me out of $550. last year when they froze my PC and I called their number for help. Being illiterate about computers, next thing I realized I was into them for $550 with no HELP. Now they have been calling me every day even though I never answer and their number is blocked. Whats up with that??

4099083887Scam2018-04-26 16:16:05

Fake collector calling threatens to write in person at home or workplace and leaves a claim number and these digits to call back. 757-975-8025. Nice try cyberthugs.

4159355792Scam2018-04-26 16:09:45

SCAM.... Something is wrong with your IRS tax filing in an automated female voice... The IRS does not call you ...SCAM especially since the call is coming from outside the country since the phone number is prefixed with 11 which is the United States.

2132019057Scam2018-04-26 16:00:50


5108261559TeleMarketer2018-04-26 15:24:54


3108949369Scam2018-04-26 15:16:06

Attempt to get you to call them regarding a Federal Offense that you have perpetrated.

2063953065Scam2018-04-26 14:48:53

IRS scam caller. Automated

4054588421TeleMarketer2018-04-26 14:40:36

This is with a recorded msg about a job.

8152494442Spam2018-04-26 14:04:13

Calling from some university saying they received info that I was interested in applying (never even heard of them before)

7022763494Scam2018-04-26 13:42:12

contrest scam

3054344570Scam2018-04-26 13:35:33

Caller left electronic VM: "Pls press 1. If you would like to no longer hear from us press 3." I dialed #305-434-4570, auto response: "Someone will callback within 24hrs to give you spiritual inspiration about your problem. " I didn't request any of that, conclude is SCAM Would NEVER press any #s to prevent cell access.

6465979890Scam2018-04-26 13:07:42

called with saying the Irs was going to get me and put in jail in 24 hours. That I must call them.

4156897504Scam2018-04-26 11:44:15

received a text from this number saying Hi this is Alex your financial adviser. Text back. Obvious scam. Losers

5099800399Scam2018-04-26 10:10:47

scammer claiming to be calling for microsoft

2026837228Scam2018-04-26 10:09:02

Guy posing as official for government development center called asking for additional info about my SAM registration. He said his name was Jason Smith. He said that the next step was a $3,500 fee to register for 1 year and blabbed on. I said that SAM is free and I am not paying for anything. He said he would send me more info.

8559840847Scam2018-04-26 08:58:20

Fake law office scamming saying debts owed and summons on the way if you dont pay

4077068379Scam2018-04-25 21:39:44

he make up his picture and his project document . and try to get help him with his work

9724491064Scam2018-04-25 21:37:21

he try to get money to me for help his projest

2108123010Spam2018-04-25 19:08:44

fake irs call

8603356065Debt Collector2018-04-25 15:17:09

Number calling not recognized. Caller left no message. Likely up to no good. Suspected spammer, telemarketer or debt collector.

5152007852Scam2018-04-25 15:01:57

Don't answer Robo Scam.

4183819558Unknown2018-04-25 12:58:04

they keep calling and calling

5597021158Unknown2018-04-25 12:50:27

Daily calls. No messages. Probably a debt collector.

7137663777Unknown2018-04-25 12:04:43

Not A Scam, Raptor Visitor Management System Alert

5139879415Scam2018-04-25 11:32:10

received call saying I committed fraud from IRS but it's from someone in a different country.

6102738178Unknown2018-04-25 10:54:31

Rec'd a call 2 wks ago, and again today. I don't answer unfamiliar numbers. They left no message either time. Five days after the 1st call, I accidently dialed back because I'd forgotten to delete the number from the list of incoming calls. An older "grouchy" sounding woman answered and I promptly hung up (6-seconds total).

9725714315Unknown2018-04-25 08:55:08

call repeatedly, never leave a message

8559840801Scam2018-04-25 04:53:23

A lady called from an unknown number and served me with a voice call never called me back but gave me this number to call ‭(855) 984-0847‬ A so called lawyers office called saying that I need to go to court between April. 30th to the 11th of May. The man could not tell me what city I lived in or where to go to court at.

7348342546Scam2018-04-25 00:39:19

called at 12:30 claiming I owed money

8185396404Scam2018-04-24 19:13:41

Threatened to arrest if I didn’t return the call in 24 hrs. For tax fraud

3608136585Scam2018-04-24 18:14:33

360-813-6585 SPAM, won't stop calling; told to stop multiple times. some kind of telemarketer, con

9715997786Unknown2018-04-24 16:52:52

Sent to voicemail but no message was left.

9292680863Scam2018-04-24 16:16:34

I have been getting phone calls from the state of N.Y. please be advice this is a scam

2063978842Unknown2018-04-24 14:31:34

Claimed to be from the IRS.

8329812743Unknown2018-04-24 14:00:29

No details will not call back

9082423603Scam2018-04-23 20:45:39

They keep calling me three times a day. While I blocked their number, a voicemail is received.

5186154427Scam2018-04-23 18:01:35

Craig's list posts renting a house 19 nod road, Utica NY and seeking renting money for the rental. The house is actually for sale!!

4062587496Unknown2018-04-23 17:59:38

called left no message

7176885073Spam2018-04-23 17:39:56

Robocall to lower my interest rate on credit cards. Oriental-sounding people when I asked the call to go through. When I asked my number to be removed from their list, the guy hung up on me.

6786519959Scam2018-04-23 16:42:11

This person tried to use someone’s credit card to pay for a vacation rental thru HomeAway and probably used a fraudulent name Kristen Roberts.

2053196590Scam2018-04-23 15:58:10

scam. He says that they have a warrant for you arrest if you don't send $750 by prepaid cards.

3475080021Scam2018-04-23 14:50:24

They told me they were with the criminal justice program

2065967184Scam2018-04-23 14:42:55

They call leaving you a voice mail on text or phone saying you are subject to government lawsuit. Its a new take on the old IRS going to arrest you etc. 100% Scam. They are Phising for your information

2028692780Scam2018-04-23 14:27:17

This was a recording supposedly from the Internal Revenue Service, claiming there is a serious situation where I am to be brought in front of a magistrate.

9292681083Scam2018-04-23 13:46:42

Keeps leaving a voicemail that the local authorities are coming to take me into custody and I should call them back.

4043410341TeleMarketer2018-04-23 13:35:59

Robotic telemarketer for numerous clients that forward calls to "Agents" gathering private information for scams.

4152515798Spam2018-04-23 13:31:56

Received a text from USA PayDay Loans...they don't contact you. LOL

2012317825Spam2018-04-23 11:54:05

Hello Jxx Mxx, I understand your business has received a merchant cash advance or other related business debt. If this funding is straining your cash flow, there is assistance out there for you. We may be able to restructure your payments by up to 60% and reduce the over all debt amount... John Mathews

2063978842Scam2018-04-23 11:50:21


4154293247Scam2018-04-23 11:37:10

Claimed to be FBI researching my address and said that a warrant was issued for my arrest

3039905513Spam2018-04-22 23:55:13

This unknown number texted a lewd text to my cell phone 4/22/18 8 PM.

4807399427Spam2018-04-22 19:24:59

They just keep calling and using a V422192240004406 pre number for some reason

6474968295Debt Collector2018-04-22 17:10:38

Threats of legal action

9093300373Unknown2018-04-22 15:40:13

Not sure who it was calling me

8124130868Scam2018-04-21 19:09:06

Claiming to be Microsoft saying my computer was compromised

8452502364Spam2018-04-21 17:22:18

scam caller

5015884142Spam2018-04-21 12:09:44

yes if i paid750.00 they would send me 100,000.00 somr multnational companies and govt giving away

2103694621Scam2018-04-20 18:18:02

Left a robo message on my voicemail about social security number and fraudulent activity. I believe it's a scam to get personal info. I DID NOT call the number back.

5188614139Scam2018-04-20 18:14:48

was informed to call as they'd received a legal petition filed in my name, and before I get arrested I needed to call them immediately at 518-861-7139. repeated the number twice

2489917597Unknown2018-04-20 17:17:34

unknown number - as didn't leave a message assume a scam call or telemarketer - I never answer numbers I don't recognize - if they are legit they will leave a message