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4028589809Scam2016-10-23 12:26:07
possible scam or spam from this number

5872873476Unknown2016-10-22 18:14:25
Phoned and hung up.

2819157375Scam2016-10-22 13:40:39
Typical fraud attempt, they sent me a check for more than I was hired for and they wanted the extra refunded to an associate.

4043650051Unknown2016-10-22 13:13:15
No comments

4254840821Scam2016-10-22 12:48:14
check mule monerygram scam

8035294847Scam2016-10-22 10:12:17
fake law enforcement scam

9094913942Scam2016-10-22 09:35:36
Craigslist scammer, responds to ads asking for Paypal and transfers and claims to include extra for shipping.

3016365854Scam2016-10-22 09:25:35
Craigslist scammer, responds to ads asking for Paypal and transfers and claims to include $100 extra for postage.

9294217226Scam2016-10-22 06:04:39
Scammer trying to get money pretending he wants to buy art.

8666627001Scam2016-10-21 22:30:30
Very dangerous number pretending to be eBay support. They run an operation on Craigslist pretending to sell high end luxury cars that are in superb condition, that is very lowly price. For example, a car worth about $10,000, they'll pretend to sell it for $2,000, but it's all a scam. I repeat, VERY DANGEROUS number and scammers.

7205153156Spam2016-10-21 20:51:58
This was a pervert making lud and derogatory remarks. I feel he is dangerous and potentially a sexual deviant. DNA

2892041276Unknown2016-10-21 17:23:25
Unknown number was going on about me being a customer of one of his clients

2089174447TeleMarketer2016-10-21 16:39:25

4045668319Unknown2016-10-21 16:34:59
i want to known who called me

3304126928Scam2016-10-21 16:13:05
Constantly calls

4047358919Unknown2016-10-21 15:40:04
No problems, unknown number

7574532142Unknown2016-10-21 14:13:56
been receiving calls from that number several times. Please stop the harassment! It is disrespectful to bother people and the FCC needs to be more aggressive. We are on the DONOTCALL.Gov list - but to no avail.

7047450236Unknown2016-10-21 14:03:59
Repeatedly calls mornings and evenings for weeks! Unknown caller

2764150248Scam2016-10-21 12:29:39
This number is a scam wanting your personal info.

9362131678Scam2016-10-21 12:29:24
Scam about a "payday loan" that I owe somewhere between the time of 2009 and 2016..could not give me proof on how they received this information. Scam. All day.

5133996277TeleMarketer2016-10-21 11:48:17
Auto warranty insurance ... will not say who gave them the information.

6474959433Scam2016-10-21 10:25:36
These scamming bastards called me even though I am registered on the Do Not Call list. After listing to their short speech it was clear these scammers are not even located in North America.

2107672902Unknown2016-10-21 07:29:56
Somebody call me from this number which i couldnt recognize. I tried to speak yet couldnt figure out the language the caller speaks

7022184499Scam2016-10-21 02:33:48
Incessant scam calls and texts always from Las Vegas area code 702.

4109297787TeleMarketer2016-10-21 01:49:07
Nishkhul Technologies

3126386672Spam2016-10-20 21:59:16
Another spam caller

4124190372Scam2016-10-20 21:06:32
Sends you money to buy gift cards for him, takes money back as soon as you make the purchase.

7252610282Unknown2016-10-20 19:57:54
Unknown caller

5067991224Unknown2016-10-20 19:41:58
received call no one answered tried to call back was told out going calls only from this number

9515250419Unknown2016-10-20 18:42:42
They texted me about my school and I don't know who that are

2892120947Scam2016-10-20 17:35:55
Keep calling on my home phone and when i booked the appointment than charge me $700 for vents cleaning... totally scam

8138038283Unknown2016-10-20 17:22:53
Keep getting call from this number on my cell phone at various time, like 4 pm pacific time. Only immediate family member has my cell number.

7708720371TeleMarketer2016-10-20 17:04:08
A voice claims they have the next "big" thing in crypto-currency. They will be bigger than "bitcoin." However, owners name comes up as Carpet Cleaner Pet Package. I don't know if this company is legit!

6152819220Spam2016-10-20 13:31:03
Spammer Beware

7864990304TeleMarketer2016-10-20 10:56:34

3074481362Spam2016-10-20 09:17:10
Called and didn't leave a message.

6768481059Unknown2016-10-20 08:03:50
Phone rings but caller does not answer and hangs up

2342287411Scam2016-10-20 05:28:35
Phone number given out by a fake dating profile. It's a scam.

6129790248TeleMarketer2016-10-19 22:46:04

6479991244Scam2016-10-19 20:37:06
Scammer rolling around town selling projectors and speakers in back of the van. Call himself John

8559761167Scam2016-10-19 19:59:18
Claimed my Bank Of America card was locked..I don't have a Bank Of America. Had a link I did bot click. For the obvious reasons

7608659664Scam2016-10-19 18:03:15
this person took my Craigslist rental ad and made it look it was his. He used all my pictures and information except he lowered the Rental $ amount. I contacted him and he answered the phone and told him he was busted and a few other things not appropriate here.

3133346625Unknown2016-10-19 18:00:52
Name was Samantha Lynn -- no message other than name/number left

3852491221Scam2016-10-19 17:57:53
Rec'd a call, they said they would be in our vicinity next week, no answer when I asked what kind of business they are, hung up promptly.

3343524984TeleMarketer2016-10-19 17:56:23
Called my friend asking for donation to some cancer organization. My friend listened politely to the entire call. She informed the female caller that She is doing treatments for stage 4 cancer. Before she could say anything else, the caller slammed the phone on her. So very rude.

6475584977Spam2016-10-19 14:03:42
They have been calling me and they hang up after a couple seconds, whether I answer or not. I did not call back after reading the reviews here.

4022607408Scam2016-10-19 13:55:43
Tells you that you have won 2 free tickets to Bahamas. You awnser 3 simple questions then they want you to pay 59.00 per ticket for taxes.

8127304094Unknown2016-10-19 13:29:45
caller identified herself as Carry Hunter with the Better Business Bureau

3474105114Spam2016-10-19 13:11:54
Just received a text stating "Hey Sarah, You are chosen to get Allotment Cash to get ahead with a Greater Achievement Career. Claim Money. Go here => STOP" Tried calling them back but a robo operater states "response from URL says 'thank you and have a nice day'"

6788654512Unknown2016-10-19 12:07:00
This caller told my daughter twice to "Stay there." WtFreak??

2012413008Spam2016-10-19 11:41:12
This is a BS call that says they want to verify your Google business account but its really a shady company pushing SEO optimization.

4432051422Unknown2016-10-19 09:53:18
I rcvd a call from an unknown number who left a mumbled message about being served. They left a callback number & a reference number. I was not the person they referenced in their call so I called back and explained that and asked that my phone number on their acct be removed. They used foul language and hung up on me.

8006564716Scam2016-10-19 09:52:48
This number 1-800-656-4716 with a auto voice called at 12:30am left a message about lowering credit cards processing, lowering monthly billing costs. This is a scam to any businesses.

7326961225Scam2016-10-19 09:50:19
Scammer, he never leaves a message...

6283336393Spam2016-10-19 09:41:37
I am on the 'do not call' list and still get these calls. How do I stop them.

3048943482Unknown2016-10-19 08:58:03
Text with URL

3308809571Scam2016-10-19 07:33:03
This number is been used to scammed people out of money.

6316058907Scam2016-10-19 06:05:05
Scam caller

6783180794Scam2016-10-19 06:04:40
No one answers. Call multiple times.

6463506026Scam2016-10-19 03:03:43
Help me!!! This guy is stalking me and sending naked pictures of mine

5024960241Unknown2016-10-19 01:39:54

6109550887Spam2016-10-18 23:24:27
Pornagraphic material

8058557111Scam2016-10-18 23:08:16
An individual identifying himself as an Air Force Staff Sgt recently promoted and being transferred to Alaska had an RV for sale that was way below retail value. He stated that the sale was being handled by EBay. eBay's Vehicle Purchase Protection* covers only certain vehicle transactions that are completed on If a Craigs

8559987811Spam2016-10-18 20:22:10
So i shut down my hp computer and turned it back on but didn't log in and i restarted it and logged in but u can tun it off again if you dont know how to restart it

6317315100Scam2016-10-18 19:48:12
texted (((JpMorganChase)-Call. 6317315111 ForidentityVerification!) called and wanted ss# and acct #. Gave neither.

2508005161Unknown2016-10-18 19:19:58
No answer

5623301011Spam2016-10-18 18:43:39
Spam caller!

5302310522Spam2016-10-18 15:38:01
A woman called me, and on speakerphone proceeded to tell me how since I had stayed at her company's resort in the past, I was eligible for some kind of discounted rate. I've never been to a resort in my life, so I hung up.

2104855942Unknown2016-10-18 15:27:35
Idk them

7082926148Scam2016-10-18 14:47:26
Refuses to leave a message and gets rude with our answering service when they won't put him through.

2814170110Scam2016-10-18 14:20:17

2252392269TeleMarketer2016-10-18 13:37:10
Recording. Do not answer! TeleMarketer.

8558784518Unknown2016-10-18 13:03:58
Missed call and no answer if you call back.

6474790254Scam2016-10-18 12:51:10

8442214810Unknown2016-10-18 11:31:55
Problems with 18442214810