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6186901775Spam2016-12-05 15:31:20
Called, saying that they could help remove personal information fromGoogle to stop spam calls to my cell. Kind of ironic, which was fun, as this was a spam call.

4252074327Unknown2016-12-05 14:32:28
I have no one in Renton; so I don't answer. I have been called by this number at least ten times.

8885120385Scam2016-12-05 12:11:16

3103599498Unknown2016-12-04 20:59:59
I answered and screen said my phone is locked and TO enter a website. I called my carrier, all ok and I had someone called my phone, it works. All I can say is watch out, evil people out there

5712617324Spam2016-12-03 22:47:59
I was selected

2056231046Scam2016-12-03 12:50:30
SCAM - Septic Tank Chemical Sales - Falsely tells you they are sending a sample of their product and will later attempt to bill $130+ for their chemicals. Unless you dig up your septic tank, there's no way to know if their product actually works - nor do they give you the product name or website to review the product. DO NOT AGREE

9292667349Unknown2016-12-03 08:42:52
I dont know who called

2083196837Unknown2016-12-02 22:10:47
They keep t3xting me saying they know Mr bit won't tell me their name and I'm getting irritated.

6168998986Spam2016-12-02 22:09:49
Inappropriate content.

8084684020Unknown2016-12-02 22:05:13
Rec'd 2-3 calls per day x week (I never answered) from unknown number. I blocked the number. No message was left. Today I sent back a text reply stating my number is a private beat it! ;)

4252074327Scam2016-12-02 18:00:15
don't say anything..then hang up.

4163717391Scam2016-12-02 17:07:57
I live in Canada and our area code is 416 not in the US so this is definitely a scam call in more ways than on.

4163717391Scam2016-12-02 17:06:25
This is a scam number. I live in Canada and it came to my cell phone. Please go away

4805102952Spam2016-12-02 15:46:40
Texted me indicating they were "Hilario" and asking to call them at my earliest convenience.

6784287952Unknown2016-12-02 14:01:59
It's an unknown

2012152017Scam2016-12-02 13:26:04
Illegal fullfillment of controlled substances from overseas pharmacy. Provides Zolpidem (Ambien) with no prescription. Sometimes scams money and ships no product.

8444628251Scam2016-12-02 13:12:12
A company using this phone number tried to scam my friend into some kind of wire fraud thing.

2623931773Unknown2016-12-02 12:42:55
They just send text messages with my name, address and a link that I refuse to click on to open.

5125732384Scam2016-12-02 12:26:04
Scam call about "free vacation" won by random telephone number drawing

4026199330Unknown2016-12-02 12:24:45

6143621443TeleMarketer2016-12-02 12:01:19
Claimed to be calling about recent changes to the company's Merchant Bank account. We do not use that company to process C/C's and there have not been any recent changes. And they refuse to stop calling here - claim all other companies report to them.

2817122117Scam2016-12-02 11:20:42
Threatening to have me arrested if I didn't pay a debt if $830.17

9083877181Spam2016-12-02 11:15:02
This number is a total scam trying to get your account information by sending a check and wanting you to send money back.

5122690535Unknown2016-12-02 10:59:02
mysterious call.

4434405332Scam2016-12-02 10:08:59
They are trying to get money from me

2028883847TeleMarketer2016-12-02 10:03:23
Called about winning a trip to Orlando

6266583128Scam2016-12-02 01:46:34
Said they were wesom in a text don't have a wescom account.

2533587972Scam2016-12-02 00:35:31
Asking for cynthia...says selling health insurance. Keeps calling on this and other numbers. I block them and they use a new number. Very annoying.

4252074327Scam2016-12-01 21:36:26
Rang once then hung up.

2528146590Unknown2016-12-01 16:28:43
A queer

2816244498Unknown2016-12-01 16:16:19
Left no message

2107145276Unknown2016-12-01 14:23:53
unknown caller 2 times a day

7804750375Unknown2016-12-01 14:10:35
Yes I got a call from this number while I'm at work and I told the guy I'm at work I can't stay on the phone longer and he kept saying it wont take long and kept asking how much I can donate and passed me to another person who took my info then I told her I have to go. The person said she'll call back. Good luck.

7863758063Scam2016-12-01 13:57:34
This is a SCAM

6465175433Scam2016-12-01 10:01:45
Fraud and scam. Reporting to FCC

4176129845Unknown2016-11-30 22:22:44
Unknown call

9165969797Scam2016-11-30 20:55:02
(916) 596-9710 very rude and will not state what company they work for. Called several times.

4154758532Scam2016-11-30 17:09:43
Sent me a text about a boat I have for sale in the Seattle area. Wants to make a deal ASAP, but didn't know the price, etc. An ad with my phone number must be still out there, as it is now listed with a broker.

3172075669Unknown2016-11-30 15:47:00
A female, with heavy accent, called & asked for me by my AKA name on my cell phone, @ 9:15 AM PST on 11/30/2016. I have gotten numerous prior calls from this same number but NO message(s) were left or they hung-up when I answered calls. This morning, I told the female that I was TIRED of their calling & to STOP calling my cell ! !

4086081343Spam2016-11-30 15:30:24
Federal government grant scam

6159420134Spam2016-11-30 15:17:03
This is the third SCAM call today. All the scammers have changed their CID so they don't get caught in Blocking devices and software

3479267314Unknown2016-11-30 15:07:28
The IRS actually does call you if you have an ongoing audit or other case however if they are asking you for money re: a case you haven't discussed -- definitely a scam.

2056798558Unknown2016-11-30 15:01:38
phone rang and no message?

4167002825Scam2016-11-30 14:54:17
Called offering a free $999 credit for Air Canada

8016796390Scam2016-11-30 14:39:30
people keep calling me saying ive won som amazing Disney package...... they wont listen... i think its a robot prompted by peoples response

8064143585Unknown2016-11-30 11:37:46
no answer

8008619741Unknown2016-11-30 09:45:41

6612506397Scam2016-11-30 05:15:43
I dnt know who's belong this number

8484041852Unknown2016-11-30 01:59:17
Facebook phishing

9547034463Unknown2016-11-29 18:43:49
no message, called my cell... so definitely scam

4086081343Scam2016-11-29 16:26:33
So these foreign people who claim they are with the government call you to tell you that you've been chosen within 1700 citizens of the United States to receive a grant of $7000 ,$7200, $9000, or $9200 have yoybuygift cards in the amount of $200 after you've given them the number you don't hear from them again. All of a sudden their

5853769403Unknown2016-11-29 16:21:28

2033508517Scam2016-11-29 15:32:27
Say the are from the medical office can you hear me? It's a computer call. No one answers when you ask who do you work for. Or Let me call you back. So sick of these calls and the number changes slightly each time so you can't block for good. I am also on the do not call list.

2072216614Scam2016-11-29 14:54:14
Fake Dept of Treasury scam

3179825334Scam2016-11-29 14:45:37

9173412008Scam2016-11-29 12:50:32
Claimed to be IRS and going to take legal action if didn't pay.

6788253355Spam2016-11-29 11:56:11
vacation travel spammer

9032131056Scam2016-11-29 09:23:35
This number dials to a computer system that will automatically hang up on you if you call in to it, it calls out with a Phishing scam about online applications, owned by a company called "Onvoy" that has this to say to try to cover their own rear ends.

6475235497Unknown2016-11-29 05:37:04
Calling me for no reason and answered no respond

6168998880Spam2016-11-28 22:30:31
Used my Facebook name

5144733299Scam2016-11-28 22:06:56
This number responded to my Kijiji ad via text message and urged me to contact them at email address angelinapa***** I text them back and asked them to communicate with me within the Kijiji system. I received no response. I called the number & left a message and received no response.

9282208068Unknown2016-11-28 21:24:48
This caller swore at me saying "Are people in Arizona this F*&^ing slow". It was a bad connection on my cell. When I called back the recording stated something like "If you would no longer like to be called about this issue please press 2"

3132142018Unknown2016-11-28 19:56:38
Just received two phone calls from this number about 2 hours apart. Both left a message giving us a Claim number and a call back number of 1-888-820-16452. I have no clue who they are.

4378869196Debt Collector2016-11-28 19:12:45
Bill collectors masquerading as government officials. Tell you a "ministry representative" needs to speak with you. You call them back and they start the arm twisting. In my case it was mistaken identity, but still deceptive tactics.

2072216614Scam2016-11-28 16:19:56
Fake US Treasury debt scam

9173412008Scam2016-11-28 14:51:40
Voicemail with Computer voice threatening legal action and demanding a call back. Did not say who they were , or information on what bill they were collecting and did not ask for a specific name either. Sounds like a Scam call.

5612570357Scam2016-11-28 14:51:08
They called and a guy says I did business with someone they did business with. I asked the name and he told me. I said I don't recognize the name, then he said another name. I told him I never did business with that guy either, he got angry and isnsisted i knew him and then hung up. Lying scamming bastards.

9173412040Debt Collector2016-11-28 14:50:32
Voicemail with Computer voice threatening legal action and demanding a call back. Did not say who they were , or information on what bill they were collecting and did not ask for a specific name either. Sounds like a Scam call.

2132955333Scam2016-11-28 14:04:38
This number is connected with fraud and theft.

7273867405Unknown2016-11-28 13:12:09
I receive a call almost daily from this number, when I answer no one says anything.

4109001990Spam2016-11-28 12:45:34
Unknown caller, Used VOIP as caller ID. Hung up when answered. SCAMMER

7038795872TeleMarketer2016-11-28 12:42:19
Stated they were irs and I committed fraud, but it was a bot. They did not ask for me by name.

8059000733Unknown2016-11-28 03:52:35

6466998036Unknown2016-11-28 02:00:43
Random text from this number saying they were wearing nothing but red even "under their dress." no idea who it was. i never replied and that was the only message i ever got.

4102996562Unknown2016-11-26 16:46:44
Keep spamming my phone won't answer when I pick up