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3062050443TeleMarketer2018-01-08 17:21:46

it's someone from yellow pages

4017190777Unknown2018-01-08 17:18:37

they did not answer when answed hello

9727374791Spam2018-01-08 16:54:05

Keeps calling and leaves no message. Called back and it was a spam number

2482772768Unknown2018-01-08 16:42:05


2012317825Spam2018-01-08 16:22:43

Sent a text message claiming they "understand your business has received a merchant cash advance" and offering their business to help reduce payments. I have never had a business cash advance or loan.

6514240331TeleMarketer2018-01-08 16:13:59

did not id what he was representing and made it sound like they represented google.

6473083319Scam2018-01-08 15:31:35

Moving company scams. Will overcharge or steal.

2092488307Scam2018-01-08 15:17:43

They claim that the IRS has an arrest warrant out do to Tax Fraud under my name!!!!

8886731571Debt Collector2018-01-08 15:17:12

Fraudulent legal claim -

5184171120Unknown2018-01-08 14:47:43

no answer after saying hello

6472970703Scam2018-01-08 13:58:45

total scam

5054408046Scam2018-01-08 13:42:37

Robocall, said "we're not calling about any problems with your account, we're calling to let you know you can get interest rates as low as 6%. Dial 9 to speak with a representative." No mention of the type of account they're even supposedly calling about. Scam.

7208971508Unknown2018-01-08 13:01:20

Called 2x back to back and asked for me by name but I dont know who this is.

4782509826Scam2018-01-08 12:57:35

Text messages from number

6055404214Scam2018-01-08 12:36:16

Computer voice claims that I need to call a certain number because I owe the treasury department. I don't owe them and the Treasury Department doesn't use computer generated calls to collect debts.

7654423108Scam2018-01-08 12:29:56

soliciting donations to police association

5748913471Unknown2018-01-08 12:19:06

This number called me out of the blue. I get numbers that call me often and I'm on the do not call list

4797559117Unknown2018-01-08 11:45:56

unknown caller

9144993875Scam2018-01-08 11:28:09

Scam claiming tax laws have been broken and have been reported

8506967115Unknown2018-01-08 10:29:15

They call everyday at the same time but when I answer nothing is said.

9169476740Unknown2018-01-08 10:24:18

Called at 7:15am. Way too early

3015399499Scam2018-01-08 06:26:20

Texted me about a grant but asked me for a selfie to verify it was me....SCAM

3522555599Unknown2018-01-07 18:29:05

who is this

7343305704Unknown2018-01-07 17:11:31

Person called was rude and vulgar and didn't make any sense.

8152426374Scam2018-01-07 15:32:27

They are fake and looking to blackmail

3365047732Unknown2018-01-07 14:19:14

unwanted calls nothing shows on caller id except for # which I do not know the # so I don't answer. get too many spam calls as it is

7202333170Unknown2018-01-07 11:10:28

texting children with sexual content

4439619650Unknown2018-01-07 10:46:23

Phone rang twice caller id said reward dept. The hung up before I could pick up phone

8556841129Scam2018-01-07 10:29:49

I've no idea who they are or whom they represent but they charged my bank account without my consent. I didn't recognize the charge to my account, promptly cancelled my card and requested a new one. I should consider myself lucky, it was for only about $13. Stay diligent folks!

7025152448Unknown2018-01-07 09:23:40


2677134888Scam2018-01-07 01:47:49

Google account had been hacked this week. Also tried to steal PayPal $$. This number sent a txt trying to get me to log into my desktop so they can see my new passwords.

4083003891Scam2018-01-06 23:38:10

My xfriend need to contact. Willie Davis

7722423051Scam2018-01-06 21:45:54

Yes I did I sent them 1,286.00

6198550897Unknown2018-01-06 17:19:01

"Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" texts on those days from 6198550897. Could be legit, but can't find out who is.

2169204384Unknown2018-01-06 16:06:51

possible scam

7602984281Scam2018-01-06 13:01:23

They called me, claimed they were with HP Smart Friend, and claimed that they got a message from my computer stating that it was corrupted, hacked, and had a virus on it. they wanted to take it over my computer,which i did not let them do. The scammers phone # are 760-298-4228 showed on ID or 800-601-9305 asked me to call them,

2052595297Unknown2018-01-06 12:34:29

keeps calling no one talks

3524330886Spam2018-01-06 11:46:52

I have not idea who this phone is and have not called them. However, I was charged money for the call. this alarms me since I would NEVER intiate a call that was going to charge me by the minunte. Who is this?

6788090915Spam2018-01-06 11:32:45

Would not tell me what the call was about unless I gave out my personal information

6029267450Unknown2018-01-06 11:18:25

Multiple calls daily. No message ever left.

8646423464Scam2018-01-06 11:17:31

My mobile phone alerted me to this number being a probable scam call. No message was left. I get many unwanted calls on my land line and now they have crept into my mobile.

7163224053Unknown2018-01-06 07:38:15

a number given that no one responds to

2566900342Scam2018-01-06 05:08:36

Fake Uber message

4153615054Debt Collector2018-01-06 01:33:16

Rent Receipt

4232004674Scam2018-01-05 22:20:09


2486394317Unknown2018-01-05 21:53:09

I received a text from this number that is unknown to be. It included a link & said to click on it to get a free bottle of CBD oil. I suspect it's a scam.

6785419012Spam2018-01-05 19:48:19

keep getting text messages, text is a thread, several numbers receiving text messages, all are replying stop.

6266026377Unknown2018-01-05 19:24:25

Received 2 calls, one at 7:30 am. I don't know who this is. When I answer, a woman starts speaking in Chinese.

4696564718Unknown2018-01-05 18:41:51

Unknown caller threatening legal action

8559109874Spam2018-01-05 17:56:04

Scam trying to get your wellsfargo information. I don't even have a wellsfargo credit card and they wanted my info.

8016107385Scam2018-01-05 17:35:12

Placed TV for sale ($100) on "LETGO" was contacted by someone named William Gills (STRONG African accent). Sent a cashier's check $100 + extra $$ for the driver he'll send to p/u TV. Check was for $1,380.35 from PEOPLES BANK Rout#10310055100446 (doesn't exist). Wants Deposit ASAP via ATM. No return address, hung up on me when pressed

3522241469Unknown2018-01-05 16:08:56

Unknown caller

9022424157Scam2018-01-05 16:03:43

Call from this number. Said he was from technical support. I didn't even wait for his pitch. came up as Nova Scotia PEI. tried calling back an it came up as a disconnected number.

9514268082Spam2018-01-05 16:03:23

Nobody there then you hear a Goodbye then nothing

2013800584Unknown2018-01-05 15:44:36

Got a call from this number with NO information about it and is NOT on my phone list. My call blocker hung up on it and my voicemail got nothing. Likely a scam or spammer.

3124360366Scam2018-01-05 15:15:23


5032346793Scam2018-01-05 15:08:00

I receive a text from this number that said "Your facebook account is reported for abuse, please confirm your account here:..." And included a link that I did not click because I'm sure it is a scam to get login info or something. I've seen scam reports of this same text but from different numbers!

8007961089Scam2018-01-05 14:38:45

Nothing but a scam

5133286561Unknown2018-01-05 14:07:06

Playing on my phone

9192925232Unknown2018-01-05 13:50:13

they call, don't leave message. if called back doesn't answer. it text it no reply.

5036837561Unknown2018-01-05 13:33:53

Unknown caller

2766445824Scam2018-01-05 13:30:40

The number was 276 and 644 and 5874 these people are trying to scam people

2766445824Scam2018-01-05 13:28:27

This number calls and does not leave any message so I called back and I get a message saying "Thank You for calling customer service."

8599034051Unknown2018-01-05 12:47:46

Called and didn't leave a message. I don't know anyone from that area of the state. I think it must've been a spam call but I'm not sure.

7722232350Scam2018-01-05 12:02:14

Called stating they were from Florida Blue and that the January 1 payment has not been made. When I told them that it had and had gone through the bank. Asked for my confirmation number, which I was caught off guard. Transferred me to customer service where they asked for my last 4. When I did not quickly respond, hung up on me.

2166000284Unknown2018-01-05 11:25:06

Unknown. People

7032558466Spam2018-01-05 11:13:47

Calls but leaves no msg

6036374135Unknown2018-01-05 10:43:27

Multiple calls with no response when answered. Get a "number not in service" when I return the call

4696564769Scam2018-01-05 10:23:31

they called suppostly of a tax file that i have 24 hours to settle it or local cops gona arrest me it just a huge scam dont ans this number

3523607437Spam2018-01-05 09:52:44

Harrassing. Claiming to be a brace doctor.

5853973672Unknown2018-01-05 09:30:43


8015993654Scam2018-01-05 09:27:13

This man Mr. Banks is scamming senior citizens.

9178384815Unknown2018-01-05 00:38:16

Threatening texts

3123009597Unknown2018-01-04 23:50:13

Don't know

4012008909Scam2018-01-04 20:38:16

Spoofed number used for various scams ... Just block it! -TS